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Дюшмен 24 Апр, 2006

тел.: (4722) 27-53-04
Пн-Вс: 12:00—2:00
ул. Октябрьская, 63a (район СкораяПомощь)
100–300руб. с персоны

гостья1 10 Июл, 2008

интересно. а кто к вам ходит,господин хозяин?
Джек 18 Авг, 2008

ну это вообще тема))
Евгений 13 Фев, 2010

Отвратительно, позор, за месяц было заказано кафе (для отмечания юбилея) за два дня нам сообщают "А у нас будут менять трубы" найдите дпугое место - с...ки
Гость 23 Сен, 2011

Отмечал здесь День Рождения. Великолепное место! Повара готовят изумительно, по-домашнему вкусно. Вежливый обслуживающий персонал. Владимир
Deshawntup 07 Май, 2014

CurtisGib 22 Май, 2014

WalterBuh 27 Май, 2014

oghmmmhmj 13 Ноя, 2014

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Rorikdralk 14 Ноя, 2014

Абсолютно с Вами согласен. В этом что-то есть и мне кажется это отличная идея. Я согласен с Вами.
А зима не просто блиизко...
DanMoni 20 Янв, 2015

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feergoortens 18 Фев, 2015

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The income declines for the rich were steeper, while the government has done more to help the middle class and poor.
Jacobo 12 Ноя, 2015

It seems, the Fed understands the prbelom well:Federal Reserve Bank of New YorkThe U.S. Economic Outlook April 1, 2010 William C. Dudley, President and Chief Executive Officer"I believe that the recovery is likely to be quite muted compared with past recoveries.The early stages of past recoveries have been led by consumer spending, particularly for durable goods and residential investment. For example, in the first year of recovery following the deep recessions of 1973-1975 and 1981-1982, real consumer spending increased an average of 6.5 percent and residential investment rose an average of 38 percent. It is unlikely that we will experience this type of strength this time. Households have suffered unusually large shocks to both income and wealth and many remain highly leveraged.Real consumer spending increased at a 2.25 percent annual rate over the second half of 2009 and looks to be growing at about that rate in the first quarter of 2010.Residential investment did increase over the second half of 2009, boosted by relatively low mortgage interest rates, lower home prices and the first-time home buyer tax credit. But recent data on the housing sector indicates that the recovery has stalled. As with consumption, we are unlikely to see the typical surge of housing starts and residential investment that was a key feature of most past recoveries.Given that the personal saving rate is still relatively low, it will be hard for consumer spending to grow more quickly without large increases in real labor income. But big increases in real labor income won't be possible without a much stronger recovery in output. And a much stronger recovery in output is unlikely without stronger consumption."
Mesude 12 Ноя, 2015

Seth, if you want unnecessary jobs, why not put peolpe to work breaking windows and then fixing them? The problem is that the offshoring that's going on is politically driven to happen. In exchange, repeal most environmental regulations and establish very low tax rates. Consider it as a way to reduce crime.There's too much creativity in finding ways not to hire peolpe in the US than there are ways to employ them. That is indeed a problem, and you want to make it worse. An employers' market is a problem. Permatemps aren't the answer, and neither is offshoring with high employment rates. Another wrong answer is knowingly collapsing the economy by withdrawal.They should be subject to the same US-based market forces (upward or downward) that the US citizen experiences.
jibjabst 21 Фев, 2016





jibjabst 22 Фев, 2016






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